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Session Details

Big Moves to Reduce Risk and Build Resilience in Southwest BC. With Ignite talks, and Local Music!

14 September 2020

 Murray Journeay, Natural Resources Canada. Navigating Pathways of Disaster Resilience in BC.

 Tamsin Lyle, Ebbwater Consulting. An evolution in flood management.

 Jessica Shoubridge, UR Organizing Committee. URBC 2020 Kickoff.

Webinar Format
Multi-format Event

Presentation, Dialogue, Art



Laurie Johnson & music from the Spiritual Warriors


as well as Ignite talks from:


Jessica Shoubridge (UR Organizing Committee), Murray Journeay (NRCan and UR Organizing Committee) and Tamsin Lyle (Ebbwater), hosted by Susanna Haas Lyons (UR Organizing Committee)



This session will set the context for the 2020 symposium, including looking at the ‘where have we come from, why is this work important, and what are the risk reduction ‘big moves’’ that the symposium sessions can further explore that support pathways to a resilient 2050 in the Lower Mainland and Georgia Basin. Ignite talks will be given by representatives from each initiative-in focus session that will provide an overview of the content to come in the September and October events series.

Tap into the context for this year’s URBC symposium, including a look at the global, national and regional research and practices shaping this field.

The last portion of the kick off will feature “fireside chats” to connect with leading colleagues, without an agenda.

Be engaged. Be entertained. Connect with colleagues.

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