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Session Details

Mainstreaming Seismic Resilience: Transforming Earthquake Risk Information into Plans for Resilient Communities

17 November 2020

Webinar Format
Interactive Workshop

Presentation & Discussion



  • Review the findings of the National Earthquake Risk Profile to increase awareness of seismic risk in Canada and the implications of this risk on local communities;

  • Create an opportunity for participants to use the Profile to mitigate seismic risk by integrating systemic vulnerability assessments into community planning; and

  • Test the feasibility and effectiveness of specific planning and development tools to address systemic vulnerabilities of local communities.


Join us for the pre-release of Natural Resources Canada’s innovative mapping tool, the National Earthquake Risk Profile (“the Profile”), with neighbourhood-level data on the potential impacts of a significant earthquake on communities across Canada, focusing on two high-risk areas: the West Coast and the Ottawa and St. Lawrence River Valleys. Participants will collaborate with colleagues working in diverse fields across the country to design an earthquake-resilient city, using the Profile to integrate earthquake mitigation measures into community planning. We invite you to test out this new tool and provide important feedback to ensure that it is relevant and useful for your work. This co-learning exercise will inform the development of national guidelines to mitigate seismic risk in Canadian communities and foster resilience in an era defined by uncertainty and change.


Convened by Karolina Pol (Geological Survey of Canada), With Murray Journeay (Geological Survey of Canada)& Tiegan Hobbs (Geological Survey of Canada)

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