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Session Details

Finance in Focus: Incentivizing Investment in Risk Reduction and Adaptation

3 November 2020

Webinar Format
Dialogue Session

Short Presentations, Extended Q & A


The session will feature context setting presentation from the panel of subject matter experts, followed by an interactive dialogue, Q and A portion where the audience can contribute and up-vote questions. The panel will share leading thinking/doing regarding the why and how of incentivizing and investing for risk reduction and adaptation in BC (with examples/lessons learned from other geographic areas and globally).

This session should appeal to anyone who has an interest in building resilience in Southwest BC: engineers, architects, planners, developers, builders, code officials, financiers, insurers, credit union representatives, etc.. Those with interest in local economic development and building the green/restoration economy would also benefit from attending and contributing to this session. 

Discussion Questions

  • Is there investor appetite for resilience bonds?

  • What is the market saying about climate risk disclosures? How do investors think about municipal risk disclosure, and how do the banks differ or overlap?

  • What do you think is one ‘big move’ that we can advance or accelerate today to foster the investments needed in risk reduction and adaptation required and desired in working towards a resilient 2050 in BCs Lower Mainland?


With Ujala Qadir (Climate Bonds), Dan Oprescu (BC Financial Services Authority), Richard Freund (Climate Disclosure Project- CDP) and Matt Osler (City of Surrey), Moderated by Puninda Thind (Delphi Group & Global Shapers Community)

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