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Session Details

Emergency Management Strategy for Canada & the National Risk Profile: What it Means on the Ground in BC

2 November 2020 

Webinar Format
Interactive Workshop

Presentation & Discussion




The Emergency Management Strategy for Canada seeks to strengthen Canada’s ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. As part of this, the National Risk Profile is an intergovernmental and whole-of-society approach to identify, analyze, and address risks and capability gaps. In its first stages of implementation, it is enhancing our understanding of the risks posed by floods, wildfires and earthquakes. This session will examine the hazard and risk landscape in BC, socialize the work taking place as part of the federal hazard-specific initiatives within the National Risk Profile, and connect the work of the various pieces and initiatives with the audience.


Participants will hear the latest on the disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation landscape in BC. This will set the scene to learn about work at the federal level to help make Canada more resilient to earthquakes, wildfires and floods. Specific initiatives of the National Risk Profile will provide highlights of their work, including case studies, mapping initiatives, and risk assessments. Participants will be exposed to new data and knowledge being generated, and opportunities to access and engage with it.


Convened by Malaika Ulmi (NRCan), With Dave Peterson (EMBC), Stéphanie Durand (Public Safety Canada), Rory Gilsenan (NRCan), Mike Norton (NRCan), Brad Stennes (NRCan), and Paula McLeod (NRCan)

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