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Session Details

Towards Best Practices in Developing Coastal Flood Scenarios for Adaptation and Risk Reduction

17 November 2020

Webinar Format
Interactive Workshop

Presentation & Discussion



  • Discuss / share challenges and best practices in developing coastal flood scenarios


Reflecting the significant uncertainties associated with future climate and socioeconomic changes, the use of multiple scenarios to place bounds on current and future flood risk is becoming more popular. However, there is no standard framework or accepted best practices for generating and selecting appropriate flood scenarios to be considered in a risk assessment. This webinar session will showcase and discuss various flood scenario development approaches taken by a diverse range of communities - from a coastal First Nations community to a Regional District that encompasses multiple communities - and highlight ways in which the scenario selection can be customized for unique contexts or end-user needs. 

The intended audience includes practitioners from all levels of government/public organizations, industry and academia that are interested in, or have been involved in, a process to assess/manage coastal flood risk. Following short presentations, participants will take part in parallel breakout discussion groups to dive deep into important aspects of scenarios development and decision-making -  e.g., Who should be involved, what kind of information should be considered, and how many scenarios are appropriate in a given context? Feedback provided by participants will help shape and enhance a number of flood-related guidelines currently being developed.


Convened by Jackie Yip & Nicky Hastings, With Enda Murphy (National Research Council), Nikki Elliott (Capital Regional District), Olympia Koziatek (City Of Victoria Emergency Management), David Forde (Associated Engineering), Silja Hund (Ebbwater Consulting), and Keith Orchiston (District of Tofino)

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