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Working Together to Bend the Flood Risk Curve in BC’s Lower Mainland

22 September 2020

Webinar Format
Interactive Workshop

Presentation and Discussion

About Contributors

Steve Litke, Fraser Basin Council- Director

Steve Litke is the Director responsible for the Fraser Basin Council’s Water Program. He has managed many flood-related initiatives in collaboration with numerous partner organizations across the Lower Mainland and across BC including flood modeling, mapping, risk assessment and educational programming. Steve is the Council’s lead in facilitating the development of the Lower Mainland Flood Management Strategy.

Frances Woo, Fraser Basin Council- Program Manager

Frances Woo is a Program Manager with the Fraser Basin Council working to advance flood-related initiatives at the regional and province-wide scales in BC. Prior to joining the Fraser Basin Council in 2019, she supported land use and environmental planning and policy initiatives at the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and the Province of Ontario. Frances holds a Master’s degree in Planning from the University of Toronto.


  • Identify additional actions that are underway or proposed to reduce flood risk across the Lower Mainland of BC and explore how LMFMS aligns with these other initiatives 

  • Explore lessons learned from the LMFMS process and projects and applicability for similar research/study across BC 


The purpose of this session is to share highlights of a draft Lower Mainland Flood Management Strategy and to solicit feedback from participants on the draft strategy. The session is intended for those with flood management roles and responsibilities as well as those with expertise and insights relevant to inform the flood strategy. Participants could include staff, elected leaders, academic researchers, and other professionals, practitioners and stakeholders.


Key findings on flood hazard and risk analysis will be presented along with draft recommendations to reduce risk. The inter-jurisdictional aspects of flood management will be explored. Interactive discussions will be facilitated to provide feedback on different components of the draft strategy such as regional priorities for risk reduction, suitable options to reduce flood risk, and approaches to fund implementation of the flood strategy.


Convened by Steve Litke (Fraser Basin Council Director) & Frances Woo (Fraser Basin Council Program Manager)